2023 Concert Listings

We are finally back to the stage after 3 years of restrictive lives!!  Stay tuned for more shows/concerts/Gatherings…

Thursday Night special “tribute 2 leslie cheung”

@The Story Cafe


Canton Pop–Band Leader/Guitar/Vocal

APR 11 2023

Chris Wong

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

SUCCESS 50th Charity Concert 2023–Backup Vocal/Sax

APR 17 2023

Chris Wong

Meridian Hall Toronto

SUCCESS 50th Charity Concert 2023–Backup Vocal/Sax

MAY 13 2023

Annabelle Louie

The Centre In Vancouver

The Legend Goes On–Annabelle In Concert 2023–Backup Vocal/Sax

Regular Thursday Night

@The Story Cafe


Canton Pop–Band Leader/Guitar/Vocal


Welcome Back! We are slowly recovering from the pandemic and so is our performances 🙂

Jan 08 2022

Dickie Lam

River Rock Theatre

Charity Concert 2023–Backup Vocal/Sax

Aug 14 2022

Night Market Live

The Story Goes On–Vocal/Lead/Guitar/Sax

Aug 27 2022

Kingsley & Selina Wedding


The Story Goes On–Vocal/Lead/Guitar/Sax


Aug 24 2022

DHL YVR Summer Carnival

The Door Locker–Bass Player

Private Events

Looking for entertainment for your upcoming holiday party?  Getting married?  Celebrating an anniversary?  Commemorating a personal or professional milestone or simply interested in having great celebrity entertainment for your upcoming private parties? Jason will ensure all logistics are attended to, providing stress free private parties for you and your guests to enjoy.


We know people respond best to fundraisers  that capture their imagination and encourage their participation.  By understanding your objectives and working within your budget, we are here to coordinate all the elements necessary for a dynamic performance that will maximize the return on your investment.


We specialize in securing great talent for corporate events.  Whether you are interested in entertainment for your gala celebration, a keynote speaker for a meeting or conference or simply looking for a “big name” artist to motivate and reward your staff, we have experience with corporations from the global to the local level delivering talent best suited for your event.


How about just a small Jazz ensemble in your suite for a romantic evening with your spouse to give her a surprise? Or just a live-karaoke in your mansion privately?  Talk to me, everything is possible.

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